Conflicts are inevitable in organizations – they are a natural and necessary process in organizations and groups. This workshop is designed to help you learn when and how to speak up.

Creating an environment of inclusion where everyone has a voice is not always easy. Knowing when and how to speak up is essential in being authentic, powerful, effective, and productive and in maximizing our contributions to our groups and organizations.

Conflict management and pushback – as leadership skills– are about each of us doing our piece to support our group and organization to see the whole picture—and to make the picture whole. How can we put our differences and our perspective—our vision and our uniqueness—to work for the group, without confusing what we see with the whole picture? How can we both be fully ourselves and contribute to collective goals?

This session enables participants to:
•    Understand their own approach to pushback and conflict, including its connection to cultural styles and individual experiences
•    Explore useful and powerful alternatives to expand their range of choices
•    Learn about the silence spiral and how to break out of it effectively, productively, and authentically
•    Develop personal strategies for engaging in conflict and pushback in ways that are inclusive, authentic, effective, powerful, and productive.

In this workshop, participants learn how and when it’s appropriate to speak up and stand up for what they believe in.

  • Customized for each organization
  • Day-long and half-day seminars available

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.