How can I use my unique skills and talents in my organization? How can I be confident in bringing all of myself to work everyday?

For many of us, and especially for multicultural leaders, it can sometimes seem as if we need to be one person at work and a different one in our personal life.

This workshop focuses on how to be one’s best and “whole self” at work so as to better harness one’s full power in the workplace.

Participants in this session will:

  • Explore their multiple identities and the power of those identities to contribute to their success and that of their organization.
  • Identify those aspects of themselves that can contribute to their strength and power at work
  • Discover how knowing themselves and their various identities can provide them with greater choice in being authentic, whole, and powerful as leaders.
  • Learn how to be more authentic, effective, powerful, and productive
  • Learn how to create and foster more inclusion for themselves and others

Participants in this workshop learn how to promote and be proud of their individual attributes and identities and their contributions to their organizations. Those who attend and participate in our workshops have career-changing experiences and become more self-aware. They learn how to utilize their unique skills and abilities to be more effective, powerful, and authentic leaders, making them stronger members of their organizations.

  • Customized for your organizational needs
  • Day-long or half-day seminars available