Dr. Bernardo M. Ferdman will be making various presentations at this year’s April conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, as follows:

Culture and Diversity: Current and Future Theoretical and Practical Approaches
As culture and diversity become increasingly important, so does the need to understand the impact of both surface- and deep-level differences. The wealth of existing research is beginning to be integrated and refined. Panelists will explore issues in culture and diversity research and practice, and the benefits of continued collaboration.

Maritza Salazar
University of Central Florida
Christopher Coultas
University of Central Florida
Susan Jackson
Rutgers University
Georgia Chao
Michigan State University
Rebecca Grossman
University of Central Florida
Jennifer Feitosa Olivera
University of Central Florida
Bernardo Ferdman
Alliant International University
Lilach Sagiv
The Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem
Daniel McDonald
Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute
Diversity Training: Linking Theory and Practice
Bridging research and practice, this session highlights best practices for diversity training and management. Researchers present literature that helps resolve debates regarding diversity training use and design while practitioners share theirs and others’ experiences in the field. The audience may serve as discussant to generate ideas for research and practice.

Kecia Thomas
University of Georgia
Bryan Dawson
University of Georgia
Loriann Roberson
Teachers College, Columbia Univ
Matt Goren
University of Georgia
Carol Kulik
University of South Australia
Bernardo Ferdman
Alliant International University
Conrado Marion-Landais
Georgia Power Company
Rae Yunzi Tan
Columbia University

Leadership Development, Applying Mixed Interventions Globally: Management Training and Coaching

The panel will present leadership development interventions that engaged participants in both training and executive coaching to enhance leadership effectiveness and prepare participant for future executive positions. Two global interventions that engaged hundreds of managers working for a global company and for the United Nations Secretariat will be presented.

Damian Goldvarg
The Goldvarg Consulting Group
Nanette Alvey
EnCompass LLC
Josephine Washington
Growth Resources International, LLC
Bernardo Ferdman
Alliant International University 



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