On April 15 (9 am Pacific/noon Eastern), Bernardo Ferdman will be discussing “Coaching from the Perspective of Inclusion: Implications and Challenges” with the Coaches for Equality and Diversity Network. In his talk, part of the monthly conference call series held by Coaches for Diversity and Inclusion, Ferdman will discuss his work and perspective on the experience and practice of inclusion, as well as their implications for coaching and the challenges that they present.

Participants can join the 1-hour call via the telephone numbers listed at http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Wed-Apr-15-2015-CED-4212646.S.5988437419504971780.

The conversation will address questions such as the following: What does it means to coach from an inclusive lens? How might we approach coaching if we used inclusion as a core framework or lens to drive the process, the questions we ask, and how we understand the coaching experience and the experience and goals of our clients? What challenges might this present? What might be the benefits? How does this connect to equality and diversity?

Inclusion—and specifically finding and using our genuine voices in the service of cherished values—can be a fundamental source of vitality for people, organizations, and societies. Fostering inclusion and gaining its benefits require practices to create safety and comfort across differences, enabling all voices to be expressed, heard, and valued. Yet, as we engage across deep divides, that very same freedom can provoke profound discomfort and conflict, paradoxically stifling true difference. A core inclusion skill, then, involves speaking up and making waves authentically, productively, and effectively—even uncomfortably—and facilitating this capacity for others. For inclusion to be truly present, all people should have the opportunity to speak up about “things that matter” and to engage in their full vitality.

These perspectives have implications for what we do in coaching and how we do it.


To learn more about Coaches for Equality and Diversity, visit their LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Coaches-Equality-Diversity-4212646.


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